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What To Do About Diabetes

What To Do About Diabetes

There are nearly 25.8 million people suffering with diabetes right now, and that number is increasing every year. Diabetes costs for healthcare exceeded $245 billion in 2012 alone. Most people depend upon doctors, drugs and insulin injections in their struggle to regain their health and preserve what is left of their quality of life. Every one of them asks themselves the question, "what else can I do for my diabetes"?

The What To Do About Health's Diabetes booklet answers that question. Its pages shed light on the approach Western medicine takes to treatment and also explores other holistic and alternative healthcare approaches,that many may not have been exposed to but should be aware of and consider.

If you struggle with Diabetes, this booklet is for you. If you have been diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic, you need to read this booklet now. If one of your loved ones suffers with Diabetes, a gift of this booklet can make a difference in their life.

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