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Pharmacist and author, Dr. Leyla Ali grew up in a household where her father was a surgeon and her mother a surgical technician. The world of doctors and drugs was all that Dr. Ali was familiar with. In time she decided to become a pharmacist. Although she often heard that "pharmaceuticals were just a business", it wasn't until a few years after pharmacy school that she truly understood the gravity of what those words meant. Much of her since that awareness have been spent exploring and critically examining Western as well as alternative health care with the object of shedding light on what truly creates and maintains the most healthy state possible. It is now Dr. Leyla’s mission to help people find alternative health options for the many health conditions and diseases, other than what doctors and drugs have to offer.

What To Do About Health series of booklets were created in an attempt to bridge the gap between Western Medicine, doctors, drugs, and Holistic and Alternative Therapies. When researching a certain health condition or disease, these pamphlets can provide not only the western medicine approach, but also an overview of the various holistic perspectives and remedies that are available.

Dr. Ali's other published works include Off Balance, The American Way of Health, A Pharmacists Perspective on Why Drugs Don’t Work.

Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharm.D.

Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharm.D.

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